Summer Stewardship

Joe Park

This summer’s record breaking heatwave is impacting nearly all fifty states and millions of people.  For the church, summer is often a time of camps, mission trips and family vacations, which are all good things, however, these summer activities normally result in lower worship attendance.  Church consultant Bill Easum suggests several strategies to overcome this in his article Planning for a Summer Hump Instead of a Summer Slump.  Bill believes summer can be a time of strong attendance and financial support.

At Horizons, we believe building a year-around stewardship strategy is critical to your church accomplishing its goals. I would suggest using the slower pace of the summer to invest in your ministry’s high impact donors of leadership, time and financial resources.  The two top reasons persons choose to support your church is “belief in the mission” and “regard for the staff of your ministry.”  Consider inviting key supporters to spend unscripted quality time with you and even your family this summer.  This can be a simple backyard barbeque, an evening at the ball park, or even a few days away together, where you invest in a personal relationship with the handful of folks who are most deeply invested in the ministry of your church.  While you enjoy time together, conversation will inevitability turn to their ministry passions and your Vision for your ministry.  Can a few dozen families make a difference?  Consider that in most churches, the top 15% of households provide 50-85% of all financial giving.  If you look at leadership and donated time, you will see much the same to be true.

Contact us to begin customizing your own year-around stewardship strategy, or share with us how your church is changing the typical summer slump.

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